Xbox cheats for Call of Duty Warzone – Spearblade

call of duty warzone xbox - Free Game Cheats

Xbox cheats for Call of Duty Warzone – Spearblade

Download Xbox cheats for Call of Duty Warzone – Spearblade for FREE

Call of Duty Warzone doesn’t have what you’d call cheat codes. But there are ways to tiptoe around the mechanics and hack into it to gain an unfair advantage. All in the name of science and good fun, of course.

Your Xbox ready to game and a copy of Call of Duty Warzone ready to run. What more can a gamer ask for? Plenty, as it happens. Here’s a list of common cheats that you can use for Call of Duty Warzone. Use them for fun!

Everyone’s investing a lot of time into this battle royale game. To pull your enemies’ legs or have more fun than usual, you can deploy certain game hacks. Note that these are malpractices and you run the risk of an account ban. If you don’t want to proceed, well done. There are various anti-cheat protections in the game and if you’d rather stick with your equipment, it’s better to avoid hacks of any type.

That being said, many hacks exist and so do robust systems for them that bypass these in-game protections pretty easily. However, if these systems aren’t maintained for long, newer game patches will make sure your fun comes to an end.

Without further ado, here are three types of cheats you can accomplish on Call of Duty Warzone on your Xbox:

  1. ESP or extrasensory perception
  2. Aimbot hacks
  3. Wallhacks

How do you accomplish these? Unlike a cheat code, you have to install third-party hack software for accomplishing these hacks. A simple Google search will land you into the paradise of hack providers but choose wisely. Check if the software is updated frequently, check forums that discuss game hacks, and first try with a new ID if possible.

Call of Duty Warzone ESP hacks

call of duty warzone xbox - Free Game Cheats

Have you ever been killed surprisingly? Or shot even though you thought you were in a pretty safe spot? More often than not, magical shots happen due to Warzone ESP hacks. ESP simply means perceiving what’s not physically visible in-game. In other words, this sixth sense is just about hacking the game.

The game has all the metadata (position, attributes, character rig, etc.) of all the players at every given point. ESP hacks extract this information and make it exploitable by a player.

In simpler words, ESP hacks allow Warzone players to see opponents on the map even though there are physical barriers or other limitations that would otherwise make it impossible to see them.

A red line or box will be connected to the heads of your enemies, leading your bullets to them. ESP hacks are sadly very common in Call of Duty Warzone and constantly threaten to decrease the quality of good gameplay.

Almost all popular Call of Duty Warzone hack providers provide ESP hacks in their software bundles.

Call of Duty Warzone aimbot hacks

Aimbots allow you to kill all enemies in your field of view (FOV). Aimbots happen to be the most used hack tool in most battle royale games, and Warzone is no exception.

Sometimes, you only get a split-second worth of sight over an enemy. And as a human being with not the fastest reflexes in Call of Duty Warzone, you will lose out on the opportunity (more often than not).

An aimbot solves that problem.

Note that as aimbots are widely popular and possibly the most common method of exploiting game mechanics, they are also highly likely to land a ban on your account. Most known aimbots do something or the other to bypass anti-cheat mechanisms that the developers put in place, but are still pretty risky thanks to constant improvements in anti-cheat systems as well as security patches.

Aimbots often come bundled with “TriggerBots”. A trigger bot helps you capitalize on the opportunity that the aimbot presents. Although it’s already a pretty serious hack to have a working aimbot and kill your enemies in surprise, it’s another to also have a hack that makes sure bullets are fired the instant an enemy is captured by the aimbot.

Trigger bots make use of various character model heatmaps to hit the region that will land the most damage. This is always the head, except in the case when some other body part is visible but the head isn’t.

Again, be cautious in your use of aimbots (and by extension, trigger bots). Only spend money on systems that are frequently updated and ones that the Warzone community has a reputation for.

Wallhacks in Call of Duty Warzone

call of duty warzone wall - Free Game Cheats

Wallhacks are arguably the most fun hacks in the entirety of Call of Duty Warzone. Many campers hide behind obstacles and are, as a result, impossible to scope in on or even notice in many cases.

A wallhack does what it sounds like. It enables you to hack the walls of the game, making them penetrable. With wallhacks, you can shoot through walls (and other obstacles that are impenetrable).

Wallhacks are classified by “layers”. Single and double layer wallhacks are common and will get you through most of the typical situations of surprising your enemies. But you can go as high as you want.

Also, other gamers who might be using wallhack cannot find you if you’re running one. A neat little caveat, isn’t it?

Many wallhacks also allow you to see the enemies’ weapons. This additional information can also be handy when you’re choosing between multiple targets and know you cannot hit all of them.

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